Master Bathroom Vanity

Copyright 2006 by Jim Wilson
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Master Bath Vanity

I built this vanity for our master bathroom in June 2003. It was designed by me with much guidance from SWMBO, my wife Mary. That is, she said what she wanted, and I complied. :-)

The linen cabinet is a little unconventional. Space was tight at the bathroom entrance and the linen cabinet is right by the door. The bottom door of the cabinet holds a laundry basket, and it swings open to the right so the basket can be taken out of the room without a door juggling act.

It looks like a drawer, but the front immediately above the basket is a door that opens down (it has a scissors hinge stop) so laundry can be dropped into the basket. Infrequently used items are stored in a drawer above the tilt-down door. Towels and other large items are stored on shelves in the top cabinet, the door to which opens to the left for easy access from within the bathroom. All in all, it's a very convenient arrangement.

The image on the right was taken without the flash, to show off the wood grain. In person, the whole surface appears more like the vertically-oriented parts of this picture than the picture above. It's pretty... Curly maple grain

Here are some progress pics:

Start of installation drawer boxes

The side double drawers were one of Mary's ideas. The height between the drawers is sized so the bottom one can accommodate tall narrow containers like hair spray, alcohol, and whatever else she keeps in there. I used heavy duty full extension ball bearing slides on those. The slides, in conjunction with two screws through each drawer into the false front, and the fact that the small drawers naturally limit the load prevents any racking.

The fronts below the sinks are tilt-outs with plastic trays for the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other things that tend to be put away wet.

There is an outlet mounted in the back of the middle drawer of the center bay (in the drawer back itself, not behind the drawer). Mary's curling iron and hair dryer plug in there and are stored in the drawer.

The outlet is housed in an "old work" receptacle box, mounted sideways in the back of the drawer, about an inch down from the top edge. The drawer box is seven inches deep, which leaves ample space below the outlet for unobstructed storage. The length of the drawer box is 18 inches, the same as the others. The cabinet is 21-1/2 inches deep, so there is plenty of clearance behind the drawer for the box and wiring.

The wiring between the receptacle box in the drawer and the junction box at the back of the cabinet is 12 AWG SJ cord. It is looped in a single coil and anchored to the back wall of the cabinet slightly above the connection to the receptacle box. When the drawer is opened, the cord straightens. It coils when the drawer is closed.

Drawer fronts and doors

There are plenty of technical details and design choices that can be mulled over. The door and drawer edge treatments selected to avoid the need for pulls, the height of the vanity set to the lady's preference, the use of leveling legs, hand-cut dovetails, baltic birch carcasses, material and finish selected to wear well and complement the chosen travertine and granite, undermount sinks, waterfall faucets, and so on.

Here are the same pictures as above, in a larger format (each is about 135kB).

Master Bathroom Vanity
Curly maple grain
Start of installation
Drawer boxes
Drawer fronts and doors

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