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Copyright 2001, 2002 by Jim Wilson
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Custom A2 Plane IronsPlane by Craig Laurie Laurie PlaneA pair of custom A2 plane irons [drawing here]. Craig Laurie, the gentleman for whom I made these irons, was kind enough to send me some pictures of a plane he made for one of them.

Rabbet and Dovetail Plane irons   The irons in the foreground of this picture are for Steve Knight's rabbet and dovetail planes. The blades in the background are for mortise chisels.
Custom chisel   Here is a custom chisel I made for Eric Pigati, a friend of mine. It is very short to provide maximum control for precise work. We designed it to be comfortable when held vertically in the hand as for chopping mortises, and when held horizontally for paring.
When held vertically, the blade itself is held in the palm, pointed down, with the thumb and forefinger lightly gripping only the lowest part of the handle. Eric uses it for cleaning up the spaces between the pins of small dovetails, cleaning out corners, and such.   Custom chisel Custom chisel

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