Mortise Chisel Handles

Copyright 2002 by Jim Wilson

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Dear friends,

As much as I enjoy making tools, it has unfortunately become necessary to suspend production until I can devote a larger portion of my life to it. I simply do not have the time to keep pace with demand and also meet the other obligations in my life. I hope you understand.

I am keeping the remainder of these web pages intact because some folks have found them useful, and also because I hope that my hiatus from making these tools will not be too long.



My mortise chisel handles are priced separately from the chisel blades, since many woodworkers prefer to make their own handles. If you would like to make your own, you may benefit from my web page on how I make them: Making Mortise Chisel Handles.

These fine handles feature beautiful select hardwoods and solid brass ferrules. Each one is individually crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The price includes fitting the handle to your chisel.

If you would like a wood that you do not see here, please let me know. I can often accommodate special requests at little or no extra charge. The important material characteristics in a mortise chisel handle are split resistance and shock resistance. Most of the popular hardwoods work well.

Handles are often immediately available in these wood species.

mortise chisel handle (Ash) mortise chisel handle (Purpleheart) mortise chisel handle (Maple)
Ash - $20 Purpleheart - $21 Hard Maple - $21
mortise chisel handle (Walnut) mortise chisel handle (Cocobolo)
 Walnut - $23  Cocobolo - $23

In addition, the following woods are often readily available. Although I do not stock finished handles in all of these species, I have a local supplier who carries a huge assortment of domestic and exotic hardwoods, and they frequently have these in the thicknesses I need.

mortise chisel handle (Bubinga) mortise chisel handle (Padauk)
Bubinga - $23 Padauk - $23
mortise chisel handle (Cherry) mortise chisel handle (Bloodwood)
 Cherry - $23  Bloodwood - $25

Of course, wood is a natural product, so your handles will vary somewhat from these images. My finishes preserve the natural texture, color, and beauty of the wood. Still, many species darken a bit when finished, the grain is almost always more pronounced, and some species, like cherry, purpleheart and padauk, continue to change color or darken over time, especially with exposure to light.

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