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Paragon Code provides consulting, process design, and software engineering services to data manufacturers and other corporations. We're inventors! Many products sold by major geographic data providers like GDT, and formerly BLR Data, were developed by the staff at Paragon Code.

Geographic Data Services
Our experience developing geographic data products spans far and wide. Check out some examples of our work! The next time your company needs a new or better geographic data product, take advantage of our knowledge and experience! We can build the tools you need, train your staff to use them, and even assist you in scoping and sizing the project.
Scientific Modeling
Recently, Paragon Code has been modeling natural phenomena for scientific applications. Optical diffraction and the mechanisms underlying movements in magmatic (volcanic) activity are two areas where Paragon Code is extending scientific research.
Geocoding Software Services
One of the most important and fundamental tools in geographic data processing, a geocoder gives the geographical location (latitude and longitude coordinates) of an input value such as an address or a place name. Paragon Code has the know-how to build your custom geocoding application, whether it is a standalone application or client-server.
Consulting Services for List Processing
Call us if you want to bring your list processing in house. We can build you a custom system for list cleansing and filtering, postal address correction to CASS standards, and more.
Custom Location Allocation Models
We have developed some of the most advanced retail trade area models ever implemented in the real world. Highly configurable. Drive time based. Competition sensitive. Geographically smart.
Marketing Applications

Paragon Code can create the tools you need to

automate retail trade areas
location allocation
gravity models
multiplicative-competitive interaction (MCI) models
drive time models
custom RTA models
understand and profile customers
regression analysis
behavior models
pricing models
plan customer targeting strategies
targeting zones
economic trading zones
list processing
analyze performance
penetration analysis
response measurement
missed opportunity exposition
optimize retail networks
site selection
saturation analysis
post-merger consolidation

Our solutions owe their effectiveness to solid knowledge of

geographic information systems
geospatial data development
analytical methods
data mining
market segmentation
postal data standards
database management
list processing techniques
computational analysis
hardware and software

Our extremely broad expertise spans many industries

banking and finance
numerous retail categories


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