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Paragon Code doesn't market packaged software
Our specialty is making your products possible

Paragon Code provides consulting, process design, and software engineering services to data manufacturers and other corporations. We're inventors! Many products sold by major geographic data providers like Geographic Data Technology (GDT), and formerly BLR Data, were developed by the staff at Paragon Code.

The next time your company needs a new or better geographic data product, take advantage of our knowledge and experience! We can build the tools you need, train your staff to use them, and even assist you in scoping and sizing the project.

Best of all, the resulting product can be yours -- you can own it! You can sell it, license it, or keep it proprietary to retain a competitive advantage. A custom solution secures your data and guarantees the right fit. No more worries about discontinued offerings or upgrades that force you to change your system.

Here are some examples of our work

Numerous Automated Mapping Systems

Companies frequently need specialized tools for creating large volumes of maps quickly. Sometimes they need an interactive tool to simplify a spatial analysis process, such as demonstrating CRA* compliance in the banking industry. Maybe they want to standardize a repetitive mapping task, like producing nationwide pizza delivery zone maps.

Paragon Code has created numerous such "mapplications" in every major Geographic Information System (GIS) and desktop mapping environment, including MapInfo, Tactician, ArcView, MapObjects, MapX, ARC/INFO, and Atlas GIS. Our mapplications expertise extends into virtually every industry that uses GIS, including Marketing, Banking, Telecommunications, Desktop Mapping, Retail, Insurance, Health Care, and Real Estate.

*Community Reinvestment Act

Trading Zones

ADVO Targeting Zones (ATZs) were developed by Paragon Code CEO Jim Wilson to fill ADVO's need for a socio-economically cohesive sub-ZIP geography. Paragon Code continues to work with ADVO and GDT to maintain these state-of-the-art advertizing zones, and to expand this new technology into the rest of ADVO's offerings.


BLR Data's StreetNetwork product line was an industry pace-setter with its ultra-fast display capabilities, a separate enhanced address layer (EAL), and routable networking. These features and the data processing tools used to create them were all developed by the people at Paragon Code.

Drive Time Tools

Often, drive time is a critical factor in trade area delineation and analysis. Paragon Code has developed fast, new technology for accurately incorporating drive time into automated retail trade area (RTA) definitions. These RTAs are much smarter than traditional population- and ring-based RTAs, and inherently take into consideration natural barriers to access such as rivers and mountains. The new approach has a significantly reduced data footprint over prior drive time models. Look for this capability in commercial mapping packages.

Telecommunications Geography

Paragon Code staff invented the process and developed the software utilities for building the industry's highest quality and most comprehensive suite of geographic telco information. These digital mapping products include Wire Center points, Wire Center Serving Areas, Local Exchange Company (LEC) boundaries, Local Access Transport (LATA) and Area Code Boundaries, and Rate Center Boundaries.


Beyond the obvious massive data collection effort is the arduous task of standardizing, digitizing, cross-checking and augmenting the original source data. Data entry and processing tools developed by us made the job possible and the product profitable.

MajorRoads and HighwayNetwork

The technology of applying national traffic volume data to help identify major streets in a consistent manner across the United States was an innovation unique to BLR Data's MajorRoads and HighwayNetwork products. Our staff created the tools that BLR Data used to make these products.

Postal Geography

We have created complete software packages used by GIS data providers to build and maintain national ZIP Code boundaries and ZIP+4 centroid files.

Census Geography

Paragon Code has fast, effective, and straightforward tools for producing geographic polygon topology of every type from the Census Bureau's TIGER/Line files. These boundaries include census blocks and block groups, census tracts, urbanized areas, school districts, and more.

Rooftop Geocoding

A totally new geocoding technology is under development at Paragon Code. Features include the easy accomodation of international address styles, alternative information (non-address) geocoding and a client-server architecture.

Retail Network Optimization Tools

Paragon Code has developed some of the most advanced retail trade area models ever implemented in the real world. Highly configurable. Drive time based. Competition sensitive. Geographically smart.



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